Seagate builds world’s first 60TB SSD


Right after Samsung started shipping their new 15TB (Terabyte) SSDs (Solid State Drives), Seagate, American Based Storage company, announced that they have created a 60TB SSD. Seagate’s new drive at 3.5 inches holds four times as much as Samsung’s and should be available sometime in 2017. Unfortunately for consumers, the drive is intended for businesses. The company claims that it won’t stop here and aims to create an even larger 100TB model. Prices were not disclosed, but considering Samsung’s recent sale of the 15TB SSD, the device will likely ship for over $10,000.

What are SSDs?

SSDs, or Solid State Drives, are storage devices with the intention of replacing HDDs, or Hard Disk Drives. SSDs use Flash Memory to store files, and data, whereass HDDs are written to actual hard disks. Rather than having your data stored on disks, SSDs aims to store your data in microchips. SSDs consume less power and are generally more reliable than HDDs.

What is a Terabyte?

A Terabyte, or 1TB as it’s typically abbreviated, is approximately 1,024 Gigabytes of data. It’s a massive amount of storage which can hold any one of the following. 150 of high definition videos, 2,000 hours of music, or 2 million photos.